Web Design Agency: 10 SEO Tips for New Web Designs

A website design agency that is tasked to create your website must also implement effective SEO strategies for website ranking.
Search engine optimization is a critical thing that every web developer should prioritize when creating a website. Why is it important? It is through this process that a certain website can rank in the search engine results. It serves as a key factor that plays a very important role for all types and sizes of businesses.

According to TMDesign, there are 10 SEO tips for any web design agency. These tips are important because they can help the agencies in San Francisco, California to optimize their clients' websites.

A web design agency should use meta titles for your site to rank.

What are titles? They are just like a typical article title but they can't be seen visibly in a content page. They are hidden but the search engines' robots can read them algorithmically. They are significant across the different web pages. They are used by Google and other search engines for crawling purposes.

According to experts, meta titles are part of the vital components of any business website. Increasing the click-through rates is possible with relevant meta titles. So, if you're looking for a full service design agency, make sure that it perfectly matches your project based on this significant aspect.

How to have a great meta title? There is a limitation of characters up to 60. Which means only the first 60 characters of your meta titles will be read by search engines. The usual range would be from 50-60 characters.

Page descriptions come next to meta titles in terms of significance level.

You're already given the explanations above why you need to have meta titles. What is next? It is about the page descriptions that your website must have. It's another vital element for SEO. In fact, meta titles should work together with page descriptions (or meta descriptions).

Page descriptions are short statements (up to 160 characters). They must be unique and convincing. They should be written well to persuade your readers that the products you're offering are the best for them. With the help of meta titles, the descriptions can increase further the click-through rate level of your website. The traffic to be generated largely depends on this SEO aspect.

Keyword research is a vital key to success.

Don't forget that your website is ranked based on the keywords that you're going to use. It is an element that you have to prioritize. Without relevant and proper keywords, your website can hardly rank because the robots of the search engines are designed to read keywords in your content pages.

In finding keywords, you have to ensure that they are industry-specific and products-related. Targeting keywords is done by way of researching first through the Google Keyword Planner and other tools. The keywords you are going to use are basically from the users of the search engines. They are collected by Google, and they are compiled for marketers to utilize.

It is also important to analyze the competitors' performance in your chosen industry, particularly emanated from the keywords they are using to rank their websites. Hence, it is a need to brainstorm first before coming up with keywords relevant to your offered products or services. Then, once you already have a list of numerous keywords, you have to narrow them down until you can get only those keywords that are important for your website ranking. Because this might be a difficult thing to execute, it is advised that you hire a design agency with knowledge in SEO keyword research.

A content plan can serve as your guide to create great content pages. Did you know that your website should have great content pages? Yes, it is true. That is why you have to ask your hired web design agency if they can help you in this aspect.

Great content can help your site's ranking. This is part of the so-called "content marketing" strategy that has to be implemented. In fact, it must be part of the plan of the agency you are going to hire. You should ask them if they have working content marketing techniques. Otherwise, that agency is not worth it.

You have to remember that content sharing is like building a strong relationship with your target audience. Then, you can generate leads once people are satisfied with your shared content. As a rule, you have to make sure that your content pages are produced well because it can lead you to ultimate success.

A sitemap is another thing that plays a vital role for your website success.

Most site visitors would like to have a page where they can trace the most important pages of your website. This is where sitemap plays its significant value. It serves as a cornerstone page that can give an overview to your audience.

When you have a website that contains a lot of disorganized web pages, a sitemap can help people understand the gist of your site. This is where the internal linking of the different pages of your site is located. As well, your sitemap internal links must contain external links to produce coherence and relevance. There are two most common types of a sitemap, HTML and XML. A sitemap that contains pages that are individually placed is an HTML one, while a sitemap that has a customizable hierarchy and has specific website information is XML.

Since Google is very popular, don't forget to set up Google Search Console.

It is advantageous for your website to be connected to the Google Search Console. By setting it up, you can monitor the performance of your website in the most popular search engine today - Google. Doing this process can increase the tendency of your website to rank high.

When you're able to register your website in the console with the help of your hired web design agency, the referring domains, high search results, mobile performance and traffic volume can easily be tracked down. To make the job of the console easier, you can simply add your sitemap to the console, so to speak. Such a console has a vital tool for traffic and other related analyses - and that is Google Analytics.

Create content that is flawless, unique, fresh, relative, and informative.

If your website does not have thick and relevant content, that site is nothing. Remember that in the above context, content marketing is given much emphasis. That is why a web design and development firm you're going to hire should provide great content for your website.

The rule of creating content is simple. Content must be flawless (free of any grammar errors), unique (no plagiarism issues), and informative (sharable and engaging). Then, you should focus your content to make people happy. By this way, driving traffic to your website is highly possible.

The performance of your content is one of the main bases of website ranking. Google and other search engines love to see websites that are loaded with great content web pages. Hence, this is part of the optimization techniques.

Have highly-optimized images, or forget your ranking goals. If you don't have relevant and optimized images, the ranking effort of the team becomes useless. The search engines love images that are high-quality. The photos must be in correct formats, sizes, resolutions, and dimensions. If not, then it is clear that the website ranking process is compromised.

Images are part of your website's visualization. A new website takes time to rank because there is an absence of high-quality images. That is why you need visual tools for the users. They can do good for your site ranking.

Make sure that your website is friendly to mobile devices. Be mobile-friendly. The popularity of mobile devices is a triggering factor why websites should consider mobile marketing. The fast-pacing technology has changed the way people use the Internet. If in the past, the Internet could only be accessed through the use of desktops (big computers). Today, minute mobile devices are more popular as a medium for online searching and the like. Hence, being mobile-friendly is the rule of the game.

To become friendly to all mobile devices, a UX design agency that is tasked to help you in this aspect must see to it that the website to be created for your business must have pages that are clearly viewable in the different mobile devices of iOS and Android. The content should be displayed vividly using those devices.

Loading speed should be fast and even faster, otherwise the visitors will leave your site.

Ensuring that the loading time is fast is one of the most important principles of SEO. Therefore, it is important to understand the page loading time of your website. The web developer in-charged must see to it that your business site can load fast, at least 7 seconds and even less than that. If the pages are lagging, then the tendency is for the visitors to find another website that can load faster than yours.

A website having a faster loading time can easily be boosted. The performance is great which will result in a favorable ranking at the top of the search engine result pages. (SERPs). The basics of making sure that page loading can become faster include image optimization, saving CSS and external files, removing unnecessary codes, reducing unimportant links, and boosting server response time.

Website ranking is a challenging task. But with the implementation of the right strategies by a web design agency's SEO team, success is just near at hand.