Apple Watch Mockup

Showcasing App Ideas via the Apple Watch Mockup

Among all Apple devices, the smartwatch is the newest. So it is the best time to create applications for the gadget and showcase them via Apple Watch mockup.
Apple is known for creating a revolutionary product and then updating its mold every now and then. It is not like other electronic devices that make a wide range of products like television, photocopiers, mobile phones, laptops and even vacuum cleaners. Apple limits its products and finds ways to perfect every model.

Apple's desktop is so cutting-edge that its monitor and central processing unit come in just one package. It's called the iMac. Then there is also a line up laptops called MacBook, and a line of tablets called iPad. The most popular among all Apple gadgets is of course the iPhone. Then in 2015, Apple released the Apple Watch.
History of the Apple Watch
The Apple Watch was made to complement the iPhone but with some other functions to make it more avant-garde. According to reports, the idea of a wearable technology from Apple was in the drawing board as early as 2011. Back then, the idea was more of the variation of the iPod. In 2013, more reports were released the wearable item planned by Apple was actually a smartwatch.

In 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the brand is releasing the next chapter in Apple's story. That chapter is ensconced in "a precise timepiece, a new intimate way to communicate from your wrist, and a comprehensive health and fitness device."

The Apple Watch was previously referred to as the iWatch, which makes sense because most of the other products from Apple hold the same stylistic element: iPod, iMac, iPad and iPhone. However, the term had already been trademarked by OMG Electronics, which sued Apple claiming that Google search for the iWatch would produce so many Apple Watch articles rather than those related to the original OMG Electronics item.

Apple Watch was officially released on April 24, 2015.
Apple Watch Mockup
Apple Watch app ideas

The Apple Watch is really useful. You can take and make phone calls and receive and type text messages even when your phone is not nearby. You don't really have to carry your iPhone all the time as the Apple Watch is the most convenient communication tool ever made. But the benefits of an Apple Watch goes beyond call and text, not to mention giving the time, which is really what a watch is about. There are so many things you can do with an Apple Watch, so as an app designer or developer, the ideas are limitless.

One of the most popular iOS apps for the Apple Watch is related to fitness and health. In fact, the very first known technology that you can wear on your wrist was the Fitbit Flex, which tracks a person's movement the whole day. There can never be enough fitness or health apps especially in the current times when health has become a crucial issue.

The deadly coronavirus, officially known as Covid-19, has infected over 70,000 people with a death toll of 1,868 in China alone. The virus originated in China and has slowly reached other countries. There have been 73,332 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world with 1,873 deaths.

With that in mind, it is an opportunity to create an app that would help curb the spread of the disease. An Apple Watch will not cure Covid-19, but perhaps an app can be created in order to detect symptoms of the disease. Such idea can be presented through iOS mockups and if investors are impressed, the app design can then go into development.

Such idea is best showcased through PSD mockups because these are neat and it will really give the audience a glimpse of what the product will look like in the real world. For those looking for free mockups that are of high quality, UX Planet is the perfect site for watch mock up. Designers and marketers have multiple Apple mockups to choose from and they are available in PSD file and Sketch formats, which make putting your own content really easy.

Apple Watch mockup

If you are designing an app for the Apple Watch, then of course, the perfect frame for you is the Apple Watch template. Of course, app ideas are not limited to health and fitness tracking. There are so many useful applications you can create for mobile devices. A lot of people have been raving about the baby monitor app. Call it what you like, a CCTV or a nanny cam or baby monitor. The idea is that you can keep track of what's going on with your baby through your Apple Watch. While there is already a similar app on the market, there is always room for improvement.

Note-taking. This is one of the most useful applications for the iPhone. There is an app in the market called Drafts, which will allow you to dictate notes on to your phone. Again, you can always make improvements on this one. Sometimes, you need to take notes so badly and you don't have writing materials or your iPhone near you. So dictating the notes to your Apple Watch is really convenient.

Productivity is important. With your iPhone, you can do so many things that can help you with work. There are so many tools and apps that can help you become more productive through the iPhone. If you can create similar apps for the Apple Watch, then that would be outstanding.

Showcase benefits through the mockup

In a way, the mockup is like your storyboard. You show the benefit of your application through a frame. The Apple Watch mockup is also very easy to customize. Using Photoshop or Sketch applications on your computer, you just download the mockup of your choice. Find a mockup that will best suit your application. For example, if you are working on a health app, you can use a mockup that shows an active person looking at their Apple Watch. The screen of the Apple Watch will show your app design. How do you know that the person is active? Maybe you show a part of the person running on the treadmill, or maybe it's in the outfit. It's all about context clues.

How do you customize the mockup? Work with Smart Object. This allows you to find layers in the file. Find the appropriate one where you can insert your own content. When that is done, you can save your mockup and you are ready for presentation. There is no way the audience will not be in awe of your visual presentation.


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