Android Mockup: Huawei P40 Design Initially Revealed

According to the latest Android mockup, Huawei is going to release its flagship smartphone for the masses – the Huawei P40 series.
Huawei has been the focus of some technology-based headlines since the recent years by providing both affordable and high-end Android smartphones. A new flagship smartphone is expected to come out this year. According to mockups in the Internet, this Huawei's new phone is their Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro.

Just last year, Huawei has faced some issues with the Government of the United States of America. Because of this, it has reported that the company has changed their strategies. This is to ensure that their loyal customers won't be affected in the long run.

A series of Android mockup news have been circulating on the web. According to those behind the mockups, Huawei P40 is another high-end Android product based on some renders and leaks in the past few weeks.
Descriptive Android Mockup
The recent week has unfolded the Mint Green color that is explained in a well-designed Android mockup. Android template PSD story says that the availability of this color option is beneficial for the Android phone industry. The color choices of other smartphone companies in the world do not include this one. But the Android mockups on the web have shown that this new Huawei P40 series will have such color to make a difference.

The recent leaks and renders have expressed the idea that the new flagship of Huawei soon is going to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner and 4 curved edges. The PSD mockups online provides an explanation that because of the revolutionized authentication technology, it is believed that the display is an AMOLED technology. This is an upgrade from last year's P30 lineup, so to speak. And from last year's designed smartphone, this year's P40 is going to favor the pill-like punch shape. It is to house the dual selfie snappers. The Android mockup PSD updates online have forecasted that the signature red power of Huawei together with camera's Leica branding are going to be present.

Android Mockup
Conflicting Information

There are conflicting updates that have circulated. The soon-to-be released Huawei P40 does not have yet clear specs. It's just the different PSD file free mockups that have been circulating on the web. To some extent, there are news and updates that have speculated the physical appearance of P40. According to one report, there can be a Quad-Camera setup. Another news said that the camera is going to be a Penta-Rear one.

There is even a speculation that both Huawei P40 Plus version and the Huawei P40 Premium are going to co-exist and they will be made available on the market soon. Either way, the expectation of the spectators and customers bursts and the enthusiasm of the loyal users is incrementing. But then again, the facts presented on the different online platforms are yet to be verified and validated. It is still the company concerned that is going to finalize the entire process, to say the least. The yet-to-be-validated update is focused, however, on the third variant of the lineup. If it is a Penta or a Quad setup of the camera.

More to say, there are web-based rumors that suggest the idea about Huawei P40's premium model. According to some reports, this model or version can have a 24mm lens coupled by an Optical Zoom that has 10x power. It can handle a Kirin 990 SoC under the hood. The new smartphone is also expected to have the following specs:

- 12GB of RAM
- 5,000mAh battery with 50W Super Charge
- Wireless and wired dual flash charging
- EMUI 10
- Android 10

But then, this new phone can come out on the market even without the Google Mobile Services. This new model can have a new OS competing against Android – and this is known as the Huawei Mobile Services. This is to fight the odds that are faced by the company since last year when the Android-based trade war between Google and Huawei has had been known globally.

More Things to Know

There is even a Twitter-based leak about Huawei P40 Pro. According to the leaker, the mint-green glory color of the new smartphone is expected to come out. It somehow adds to the flavor of interest in a mint green colored smartphone. Some other leaks and mockups have come out showing live spy-images.

Wait… There is more…

Waqar Khan is a render that has provided a video trailer mockup of Huawei P40 Pro. As the initial claim, this version is going to be one of the biggest smartphone innovations by Huawei. The specs of this phone are going to be amazing. In essence, this smartphone is going to have features that people will truly love and appreciate.

The P series of Huawei are considered as a flagship lineup for the masses. It is photography-oriented, that is why it is a highly competitive smartphone device that can be used for business presentations and the like. If you're looking for a premium Android mockup, then this one is for you.

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Meanwhile, going back to the news about the new P40 that is set to be released on the market soon, the camera aspect of this smartphone is powerful. The setup is intended for a top-notch performance. It is said to rival with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which series is expected to have 120Hz at QHD + resolution. Again, this phone is expected to have 10X optical zoom and 108MP main camera. This is the main reason why it is considered as one of the premium series of Huawei since then.

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