Design Agency: Website Speed Is An Important Concern For Designers

Did you know that the speed of your website is important for your biz success? That is why you need a tested and credible design agency.
It is truly necessary to have a website for your products or services. Why? Because of the fact that today most shoppers are using the Internet to buy things they need. They think of the solution to be found on the web. Hence, it is vital if you have a particular business to have a website. Hiring a web design and development agency is indeed imperative. This is for your business to become visible among the target audiences. Online shopping has become popular. If you want to tap the majority of the target market, your brand should be seen by the users of the web.

Hiring a design agency is recommended by experts. The agency can really help you in having a converting site for your brand. Why should conversion matter? This is the most important component as far as making sales and profit is concerned. When your conversion is pretty low, then it can be surmised that your business is not doing well. However, if the conversion is higher numerically, then it can be considered that your business is doing fine.

The question now is: How to have a higher conversion rate? There are a lot of answers to this question. In this blog post, let's try to dissect the significance of website speed. Yes, the site of your brand should have a fast speed performance. Otherwise, your business won't be doing any good on the web. People want to have a smooth and nice experience every time they visit a website. Thus, you have to make sure that the site speed is really awesome.

Hire a design agency to help you boost the site speed

To have an assurance that your business will be doing great. All you need to have is a trusted and legit web design and development firm. According to Ramotion, "There are a lot of reasons why a business entity needs a company like us. Of course, the general or anchoring factor is the need to have ROI and a continuous flow of profit. When this matter is assured, your business will be doing great." The emphasis of this company is clear. Every business organization these days has to get the services of a legitimate and results-oriented website company.

Importance of site speed revealed

You need a creative agency with deep experiences related to designing and creating a wonderful biz site. A website with a faster speed performance can have the edge over the competitors. And this is surely the thing you want to experience. If it's lousy, of course, most people will just neglect it. So, making sure to have a speedy business website is highly recommended. There are things the hired design agency can actually perform to realize this goal. Let's begin the process of understanding the whole gamut of processes on how to attain the goal of having a fast-performing website.

Reduce the files

This is the very first strategic method you can do to make sure that the website speed is awesome. You have to reduce the files related to JavaScript, HTML and CSS. By doing so, you're boosting the speed of the site. Uncompressed files will certainly affect the performance of all the internal pages. When it comes to loading the website pages, it has to take only 3 up to 6 seconds maximum. Going beyond this can compromise the experience of the site users. Remember that it is a golden rule in business to provide all the potential customers with the needed happiness and satisfaction. This must be the anchoring principle, so to speak. Once you can make people happy, rest assured your business is going to harvest monetary profits along the way.

Is there a way through a technology to ensure website page speed to become as fast as possible? Yes, there is! You can use tools, like GNU Gzip. This is a software that is designed to boost the performance of the website through compressing the HTML files and other related files. If the bytes are more than 150 bytes, then you need to compress it. This way can help the website performance to become better as needed. However, the Gzip software can't be used in image-related files. For this type of file, you can instead use photo generating software like Adobe Photoshop. This is one of the most popular tools the web graphics designers are using nowadays.

Decrease redirecting links

Another factor being considered by experts in web design and development is the extreme usage of redirects or redirecting links. What are redirects? These are actually the links inside a particular content page that are going to another page. These are important but too much use of the redirecting links is not good for your business website. Take note that it is quite important to please your audiences. Otherwise, the conversion rates will be affected. In other words, you have to avoid the exorbitant utilization of redirects. Yes, they are really important. But minimizing them is suggested.

Redirects are actually used for referencing. However, there are times when redirect URLs are non-existent anymore. This usually happens when you're redirecting to an external source. Checking the web links used as references should be done regularly. This is to make sure that your website is able to provide the best experience to the target audiences. However, it is quite necessary to note that the overuse of redirects can cause page clogging. It can specifically affect the performance of the site which is not good for the overall performance. The hired design agency must know how to address this type of problem.

Leverage web cache

The browsing cache has to be leveraged. This is another important way for you to be able to boost the overall performance of the site pages. Be reminded that there is a lot of information to be found in the web cache. It contains JavaScript files, images, and other related information. So, the best way to address this potential risk which will compromise the site speed is to leverage it. It has to be done in order to fast-track the process of opening site pages.

For returning visitors, this is really important. Instead of reloading the entire page, the visitor does not have to do it. Are there available tools you can use to leverage the web cache? Yes! One of the tools available for this purpose is YSlow. The design agency should know that using such a tool can help your website provide a great and satisfying experience to all potential users. Or, you can simply research on Google on how to prevent cache-related issues which may affect the overall loading experience of the site users.

Boost server

Your business website must have a server. The server is the source of power of the biz site. Without it, the digital platform won't run. That is why it is advised to have a boosted server. Subscribing to a very reliable server provider is necessary. There can be a lot of options in this regard. Of course, the vitality of the server is given an utmost emphasis here due to the fact that without it, the amount of traffic from the potential customers won't be catered properly. The server functions primarily as a point of reference when it comes to serving the queries of the site users.

Both server and web host should have a boosted performance. This is so because if the server is very slow when it comes to responding to users' queries, then the overall experience will be affected and compromised. You don't want this to happen since it can directly hit the potential of your business website to convert potential customers into regular buyers and users of the products or services. Keep in mind that your brand should exist as a provider of great information and content to the audiences. If this is not served well, then it can have a direct adverse impact. Looking for the so-called 'performance bottlenecks' is one of the most essential ways to enhance the performance of the site through the server response system.


There are a lot of concerns which you should address if you want your brand website to become highly reliable and trusted. The cited aspects above are important to be understood deeply. Take note that it is a general rule to please and satisfy the audiences. Their happiness every time they visit and use your brand site is the main determinant of success. When they're unhappy, consequently, they will be going to find a new one related to your site niche. So, it is advised that you find a web design agency with expert designers and developers. Boosting the website performance particularly the speed aspect is an important approach to ensure you can provide the best experience to the target audiences.