Kick-Starting Social Media Campaign via iPhone Mockup

A company without social media? That is like industry suicide! So if you're looking for an opportunity, propose social media content via iPhone mockup.
Social media management is one of the most in-demand tasks today. No business should ever operate without social media. Well, in theory, of course they can! But would they be successful? It just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do. Entrepreneurs have to maximize the available resources. Social media is just a great way to advance a business and it's free!

The hesitance of small businesses to be active on social media is quite understandable. It is not out of sheer hatred for the system, but just practicality. On their part, as much as they want to do extra things for the success of their company, the operational segment just comes first. They have to actually run the business in order to have a fighting chance. They have to focus on that and sometimes, it takes quite some time before small business owners can actually stand on their own feet.

Enter social media managers. The hesitance to hire an organization to create and maintain a business's social media is centered on the monetary issue. Is hiring an extra hand for social media worth it? Well, you have to convince business owners that it is! You have to present to them the advantages of having social media and the benefits of outsourcing the work.

Capture their hearts with a kickass presentation using iPhone sketch mockups.

Why use the iPhone mockup?
When you think of social media, you immediately think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, among others. All these and more are available on the iPhone. While they are also available on tablets, gadgets and desktops, people are more active on social media through their phones. This is because you mostly use social media while you are mobile. You are in a restaurant and you take a photo of your food: hashtag foodporn. You post it on social media just seconds after taking a photo. Capturing a photo and posting it in just one device, the awesome iPhone. You attend a concert and you share the event live on your phone. Capturing the video and posting it live are done through the awesome iPhone.

So you see, it is a very effective tool because it is reality. People do social media on their phones and so we show prospective clients how it is done through the screen of the iPhone XS, iPhone 11 or whatever you deem is more appropriate. There are free mockups on the internet, but if you want high quality and high resolution PSD file, you should visit iPhone PSD files list. The website has a lineup of around 20 iPhone mockup templates in both free PSD and Sketch format.

The iPhone mockup is mostly used for showcasing an app design. This way, the audience will get a glimpse of how the product will look like when used in real setting or on real screens. Hundreds of mockups are available for this purpose. But you can be creative about the mockup. Who is to say that it is only for demonstrating app and web design? The digital world is your oyster so make the most out of its resources.

Web Design Agency
Social media campaign

First things first, you have to showcase how the social media accounts will look like. So when you propose your social media campaign to a small business, you have to do your research about the company. You should know its logo, target market as well as branding principles. These are the major areas that will really shape the personality that you need to take on to effectively showcase the brand on social media.

The most important social media platforms for business are Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and LinkedIn. You have to penetrate at least these four platforms because they showcase different aspects of the business. Facebook, controversial it may be, is still the most popular among the social media platforms. It is vital that you create an official page for the business. Facebook is so popular even politicians are bringing their campaign to the social media platform. If a business has Facebook, it should also follow that it will have Messenger. This is important in order to stay connected with customers and even prospective customers.

Instagram, on the other hand, is vital in showing the public what the company really does. The photos are perfect at giving the public a glimpse of the company's core. The Instagram posts will feature products or stills of services. There can also be behind-the-scenes photos or videos to make people feel like being a part of the company. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is more professional. It is a way for the business to have B2B interaction.

You see, every social media type is different and attracts different kinds of audience. Versatility is very important. Use the iPhone X clay mockup in order to showcase every layout you propose for every platform. There are many sources of PSD mockup templates for the clay. This is a minimalist form of mockup, which means that special effects will not taint the important images for each of the platform you are highlighting.

When you create a holistic presentation for all social media platforms, use flat designs for a minimalist yet really fun professional presentation. You may also throw in a stationery mockup just to indicate that the entire campaign you just presented is centered solely on the prospective client.

Photorealistic iPhone

Now this is really where we can showcase the importance of the campaign. Photorealistic mockups show the iPhone on the hands of a person. This indicates that a person is using the iPhone and when you insert your content on it, it will demonstrate that a person is browsing the business's social media on their iPhone. This shows interest. It tells a story. It definitely elevates your proposal.

The mockup is called photorealistic because it is like the real deal. This will also make your campaign more relatable. This mockup allows your audience or prospective client to see how their social media account will look like in the actual hands of people. When they go home to make a decision, they will not be able to keep that photo of a person looking at the business's social media page out of their heads.

The iPhone mockup will not only showcase realism, it is also exciting for the audience to see. Plus, there are so many frames to this effect so you can really go wild with your presentation. It is important to capture the audience's attention and then make sure that attention will never wane.


Kick-Starting Social Media Campaign via iPhone Mockup
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